Saturday, October 29, 2011

Just killing time here

Halloween is just around the corner. In fact it's in less than 2 days. As a kid I was always a big fan of putting on a costume and spending the night partying,going trick or treating,playing pranks on old people and on occasion stealing candy from slower,weaker kids. One thing I never got to do however is get candy in a rich neighborhood. It may be because I grew up in a non-affluent(poor) neighborhood and on occasion we moved to other eerily similar neighborhoods. What I'm saying is that I and every other kid in America should be jealous of the kids in the video below. We're gonna totally disregard that it's 2 days early and just enjoy the fact that a few lucky kids got to trick or treat at the white house. The president should have worn a storm trooper outfit but like everything he does Obama finds a way to not make it perfect.

As expected someone was going to get offended by the fact that the president and first lady were handing out candy. Criticisms ranged from the timing of the white house Halloween trick-o-treating to the type of treats that they handed out to the kids lucky enough to hang out with the president. At least the Washington post didn't go all crazy on us.