Wednesday, January 6, 2010

spot the differences

unless you've been under a rock for like the last 8 months you know that we've been in an intense healthcare debate over how to reform the system with some suggesting things such as regulating the insurance companies,creating a national exchange system,lowering the age for medicare,increasing the eligibility for medicaid,creating a government run public non-profit insurance option and other socialist shit. while the republicans have suggested NO,NO and more NO and on several occasions making shit up. All of this has lead to the country being deeply divided between people who want lower insurance premiums and outright nutjobs or as theyre known on tv Teabaggers. Anyway despite the deep divisions both ideological and retarded the house and senate were able to pass 2 bills on the subject of healthcare before christmas. now its time to combine both of those into one gigantic bill and then send it to the president to be signed into law. in the pic below is a link to the similarities and differences of the 2 bills as they currently stand and below that are a few videos of the "debate" on health care


watching those videos has made me realize that we live in a fucked up country where people are scared to death if someone brings up the idea of everyone having access to healthcare without having to go into massive debt