Monday, January 4, 2010

crazy never stops

I'm sure most of you missed it but on saturday a group of crazy people got together in new mexico to protest the president over such things as socialism,health care reform, a perceived lack of gun ownership rights(because you know having a waiting period on buying a gun is bad for America), a secret police force(if its so secret how do these people know about it?) the president supposedly not being an american citizen and just the general crime of being black(there i said it. these people are racist idiots). what makes this whole thing so unique is that a very large chunk of that group(most of em) were carrying everything from pistols to fully loaded assault rifles(why are those still legal? you cant hunt with a fucking assault rifle) and a few of them were openly threatening the government.even if you have some sort of issue with the government brandishing a gun wont help your point at all and it makes you look stupid. below is some video of the openly ignorant


Just had this discussion with a good friend a few days ago:

just a thought.