Thursday, January 14, 2010

wtf? part 8 who the hell knows how many

This has got to be the weirdest most fucked up political news I have heard in a while. A former UN chief weapons inspector has been arrested in a sex sting in the Poconos mountain area. the sex sting involved internet crimes and if you're thinking this is just like to catch a predator you're right because its exactly like that minus chris hansen. According to the affidavit former UN weapons chief Scott Ritter entered in to a chatroom and starting hitting on what he thought was a 15 year old girl. the conversation then got even nastier and it turned into him asking if she wanted to see him masturbate.....which he then proceeded to do. Halfway through he stopped thinking that it might have been a bad move but he turned the camera back on and finished up. ewwwww. read the affidavit and more of the story by clicking on the picture of accused child molester Scott Ritter below.........oh and this isnt the first time this has happened with this guy.

also check out the cops discussing the sex sting below