Monday, January 25, 2010

so its been a year

Ok technically its been a year and a week but whatever. Anyways its been a year since president Obama took office and I'm gonna go over some things i've noticed.....the list/rant comes after the pics

1. Some people had too much high hope for the president. dont get me wrong I had and still have a ton of hope for president Obama but some people expected him to come in and just wave a magic wand and get things done without a problem while most of these people failed to realize the gigantic clusterfuck of a mess he was handed by former president Bush

2. the news in general has stopped caring about showing actual news and this is especially true when it comes to politics. everything is basically an opinion show and on fox it goes from an opinion show to lets bash Obama to lets openly endorse political candidates to lets start rumors about anyone that isnt a republican

3. the internet conspiracy theories have stepped up from "Bush knew about 9/11 before it happened" to "Obama is the antichrist" to "he's in the illuminati" and of course you have the birth certificate debate even though he had to submit all of that info before running for president

4. people have very short memories and occasionally make shit up. why do i say this? i say this because people have somehow got the idea that Obama ruined the economy(we've been in a recession for slightly over 2 years,he's been president for 1) and some people(fox news,republicans,idiots) even consider the failed terrorist attack on christmas a successful attack. Rudy Giuliani and Dana Perino have even gone beyond that and said that we had no domestic attacks under president Bush. thats a bit odd coming from Mr Noun Verb 9/11

5. the democratic party has too many people in it that are willing to backstab each other over petty ignorance when they have the power to basically do whatever they want to do legislatively. get it together democratic party. the senate health bill while nowhere near perfect does a lot to help out America and it should be passed because it can always be tweaked and made better later

6. John McCain would've been a terrible choice for president

7. Sarah Palin should not be allowed to be anywhere near a tv studio and she would be a worse choice for president than John McCain and is one of the reasons why John McCain would've been a bad choice for president

8. Fox News has officially lost its fucking mind.

9. Glenn Beck has always been crazy but since president Obama has taken office he has stepped his craziness from odd to flat out psychotic,offensive and on plenty of occasions racist

10. the tea party movement is basically a collection of closeted racists that are too pussy to come out and say that they dont like the idea of a black man in charge and anybody in those retarded groups are stupid as hell

11. the republican party has ceased to give a fuck about America. when you're an elected official and the only thing you're doing is trying to stop the other guy from passing his legislation while not even attempting to offer up any ideas of your own you are a fucking douche bag and you should kindly go fuck yourself. I get it that they weretnt exactly gonna be thrilled that a democrat won the white house but this shit has become ridiculous. from chuck grassley talking about pulling the plug on grandma to public officials like Michele Bachmann somehow still having a job while being a complete nutjob who is advocating people not take the census because Obama is gonna throw you in a concentration camp like Germany did with Jews during world war 2 this shit has gotten out of hand. it's petty,it's childish and it's not gonna help America in any way shape or form

12. Obama doesnt get enough credit...or really any. most people realize that the stimulus while not perfect helped stop the clusterfuck to the poorhouse a lot of those same people especially ones that didnt vote for him will still say that it was a terrible idea and that it didnt do shit to help us. this type of attitude seems to go for most of the things he's

13. We have to stop running away from intelligence as a country. yes its great to have someone thats just like you representing you but ask yourself this....would you want your drinking buddy in charge of anything except for getting the beer and tequila? the answer is most likely no and with that said we cant keep voting for people just because they talk all "folksy" and they like things like hunting,country music,NASCAR and drink beer. lets start looking at issues and not just the likeability factor of someone

14. the rest of the planet loves Obama more than we do. some of this is because the rest of the world is glad to have a guy in office here thats willing to talk and use diplomacy instead of just randomly threatening to bomb people for the hell of it. I wish more people here would realize that diplomacy is a great thing. it can save time,effort,money and most importantly lives

15. Obama has been too nice to the senate. while he doesnt need to be a total dick he needs to start putting his foot in a few asses and doing it publicly,on tv and often

16. Give the man some time. In case you forgot we werent exactly doing great as a country when Obama took office. In fact we were in the middle of the worst recession in decades so its no secret that the economy was going to suck and suck hard during President Obama's first year in office and to add to that we have 2 wars going on,natural disasters,terrorist threats left and right and he has to deal with people who are certifiably retarded while working through the legal problems left by the previous president(why Guantanamo is taking so long to close). Just give him some time and stop freaking out. he's president for 4 whole years,not 4 days and with that i'm done and i'm going to walk away now


thank you! You speak for me and I appreciate you.

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