Friday, January 29, 2010

how to fix America

you may or may not have seen last nights episode of "the Colbert report" where Stephen Colbert gave his state of the union address and basically tore the republicans a new one over their state of the union response which happened to take place in the capital of the confederacy(surely the right place to do that when you have the first black president). he also went off on how the response to the state of the union addressed nothing the president actually said in the state of the union and oh he also talked about how the GOP's solutions to the problems here in America can be found in one handy 19 page pamphlet in which 3 of those pages were blank,a few more of those pages were the same ideas that democrats had already proposed and on a few occasions actually passed and how some of those ideas were actually outdated(extending unemployment benefits through December 09). now while this was hilarious and the video can be seen below at first i thought it was a total lie......its not. its totally trueand a bit sad considering that they think that complicated problems that effect hundreds of millions of people can be fixed with a pamphlet

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