Sunday, January 10, 2010

weird but true

In the year 1979 the world was dramatically different. so different that we were actually on speaking terms with Saddam Hussein and Iraq. Also in that same year the Rev. Jacob Yasso of Chaldean Sacred Heart right here in Detroit did something that would damn near be considered treason today......he congratulated Saddam on becoming the new president of Iraq. In return for this act of general courtesy Saddam did not shoot the man,instead he donated $250,000 to the church. Impressed with this act of kindness and realizing that Saddam was a high ranking foreign dignitary,an ally to America and the fact that Detroit has a pretty large Arab and Muslim population mayor Coleman A Young signed off on giving Saddam Hussein a key to the city.Upon receiving the key Saddam donated more money to the church. If you're wondering why 1. the reverend called saddam to congratulate him and 2. why did saddam donate money to a church when he's clearly Muslim I'm about to explain that. Chaldeans are Iraqi which means that it would not have been that weird for an iraqi to talk to another iraqi about another iraqi.....kinda like everyone else on the planet. Saddam was an egomaniac and he didnt hate Chaldeans so to hear something good from a Chaldean made him feel great and since he had unlimited money he decided to not be a dick that one time and the second donation from him was to pay off the church's debt. Saddam Hussein philanthropist,egomaniac,dictator,murderer and slightly more complicated than I could've imagined.


Fascinating. You cuz lived next door to a Chaldean family in West Bloomfield. They were not Sadaam fans....

I dont think I've ever met a chaldean that was a Saddam fan but then again i wasnt born until after Saddam started mass murdering people