Thursday, January 7, 2010

the tea party comes to Motown


as you may or may not know if you're not a Detroiter like i am the 2010 north american international auto show is quickly approaching and the entire state of Michigan is excited for it for several reasons from the unsubstantiated that the president might stop through and check out a few cars to the known fact that several members of congress will be coming to town to the fact that the city will make a lot of much needed money in the next couple of weeks. the auto show is usually good times for all involved despite how bad everything else is going at the current time.But now that may be changing thanks to the same people who spent all summer yelling at politicians for a myriad of reasons with some of them being insane and a few more of them being a federal offense. what i'm saying is that the tea party patriot movement nutjobs will be outside of the GM world headquarters in the 20 degree weather on monday protesting while the rest of Detroit tries to enjoy the new automobiles and technology down the street at Cobo hall. enjoy that cold weather and remember to stay out of the middle of jefferson ave because its gonna be super busy