Tuesday, January 12, 2010

lets kick em all out!

As you may or may not know people are shitting themselves with fear over the hilariously failed attempt at a terrorist attack over Detroit metro airport on Christmas. What you dont know is that South Carolina congressman J.Gresham Barrett is introducing a bill to do something about it.....and by do something about it I mean kick random non white people out of the country for some odd reason. As you may expect this has several people pissed off including normal people and The National Iranian American Council who are rightfully mad because the bill calls for iranians to be kicked out of the country. he wants Iranians kicked out because of some random reason that strangely looks like "they're way too different from us" but thats just me.....oh and it kicks out cuban americans because i guess he ran out of cuban cigars. you can read more about gresham and this retarded bill by clicking on this entire sentence