Saturday, January 30, 2010

Photobucket picture of the day

this picture of the day is of one of my favorite basketball players ever and a Detroit native Jalen Rose who just turned 37 today. If you know anything about him you would know that he was one of the members of the Fab Five which was the name given to the great University of Michigan teams during the early 90's but thanks to Chris Webber and a few others accepting a few illegal gifts(borrowing money) that he didnt really know was illegal those records have been forfeited but lets not dwell on that. lets just relax and wish one of my favorite players of all time a happy and healthy 37th birthday even if he did play for the pacers for a few years

here are a couple of bonus videos of Jalen Rose showing off his ridiculously accurate jumper. check out how he hits the three pointer from damn near out of the building in the first video