Thursday, January 28, 2010

why is this man on tv?

so last night the president gave a long State of the Union speech last night in which he talked about the economy,the deficit,national security,the political discourse in this country and healthcare reform. also during the speech he made sure to state his disagreement with the supreme courts ruling that allows corporations to donate as much as they want to candidates oh and he reminded everyone that we werent exactly living in a utopia before he took office. thats right the economy was in the middle of a 2 year long recession when he took office. now while most people in America know this it seems the republican side of the aisle did not know this and neither did Karl Rove even though he was basically Bush's brain with the nickname turd blossom. anyway over the past year turd blossom has been talking a ton of shit about the president and this morning he got pissed off about the president mentioning the fact that he walked into a huge mess left by W. the video of it is below

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SubmarinerAndroid (6 hours ago)
Jesus. These people don't even PRETEND to be fair or balanced anymore. Soulless robo-ape propaganda whores.

Where is one of those really giant dump trucks, full of shit, when you need it (to pour like a mudslide over these hideous people, burying them forever)?

Oh, Karl Rove's mouth fits that description.

I imagine Karl Rove suddenly projectile-vomiting a thick stream of brown liquid and chunks, on camera, eyes wide, coughing and sputtering in between bouts of foul demon-fueled purge.

baudiirocz (6 hours ago)
Karl Rove should be in jail. Why does anyone still give a fuck what this war criminal has to say?


Not much to be done with their childish, ignorant mindsets, what really bothers me is those who emmulate the "fringe" are teaching their children to be petty and selfish. There are no lines left to cross, no authority to look up to and aspire to be. No wonder it's so hard to find good decent teachers willing to stick around long enough to make a difference.