Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dont Yu H8te tHi$?

Something I have never understood is when people use symbols,numbers and purposely misspell simple words. I dont see the appeal of it. what i'm talking about is when people Typ3 L1K3 Thiis. I hate that so much that its almost hard to explain. the reasons why I hate it range from the fact that its stupid to the fact that its stupid. its stupid because its hard to read. whatever you were trying to say gets lost in your stupidity. Another reason why i hate it is because I know it took you forever to type that in on your cellphone or keyboard. think about this on the keyboard you had to press the shift button and then find a number to type the words "$tr8 p1mp1n" when you could've just said straight pimpin. now imagine typing a whole sentence like that,a whole paragraph,an entire blog and what if people started typing like that at work? would you really want to put up with that headache? I know you wouldnt. you'd probably want to kick a baby in the face if you had to deal with that type of headache anywhere outside of facebook status updates. I mean lets be serious Dnt yu h@t3 It W3n P30Pl3 T@lk L1k3 Diz


I'm that way about grammar. I'm not meaning to bash teachers but when you have a whole generation of kids who don't understand simple sentence structure you have to wonder where it will eventually take the whole Country. The richest Country in the World and our children sound like illiterates.
l8er ..sorry couldn't resist!

Bad grammar doesnt really bother me that much. thats pretty obvious by my blog but i just hate when people cant even take the time to use letters in their words